Tieton Hydropower Project

Year Built: 2005     Peak Plant Capacity: 13.6 MW     Generation Type: Small Hydro

SCPPA Participants:  Burbank,   Glendale

SCPPA Participation 

In 2009, SCPPA acquired the Tieton Hydropower Plant from Tieton Hydropower, LLC. pursuant to an Asset Purchase Agreement. Per this agreement, Burbank and Glendale receive 100% of the energy that is generated. The Tieton Hydroppower Project consists of a "run-of-the-reservoir" hydroelectric generation facility inclusive of a powerhouse and 21-mile transmission line. 

About the Tieton Project

The Tieton Hydropower Project powerhouse is located near Rimrock Lake in Yakima County, approximately 40 miles west of the city of Yakima, Washington. This territory is owned by the United States and is incorporated into the existing outlet foundation of the Bureau's Tieton Dam. The transmission line that runs from the property connects to the PacifiCorp Tieton Substation which is owned by PacifiCorp.